Monday, November 29, 2010



On Friday 17th of December at 6PM, I am having a mini show with Sculpture, Mark O’Neill at the Peregian Hotel, Peregian Beach. This is a trial for a much larger show that we will be having together, at the Art Factory, South Bank, Brisbane in April 2011. So, come along to the Peregian Beach Hotel, check out some art, have a few drinks or a meal, watch a video loop, and chat with whoever.

16x9 One

Another experimental 16:9 painting in full flight.


NASA 21 – NASA out of Control – on the way to being finished.

The show at The Art Factory in April, will be the initial show for the NASA series - all 30 paintings – that’s if  I don’t collapse between now and then.

Thursday, November 18, 2010



NASA 20 – NASA has a Length of String - 2010


The string thing, reminds me of an electrical coil – sort of a Tesla experiment, or a prop from an old SF movie set – maybe, even a life giving contraption from a Frankenstein movie.

The Priestess of Mostess large

The Priestess of Mostess – almost finished.


Studio Nov 2010 4

Doing a bit of re-framing for a small show in December.

  Studio Nov 2010

Running out of storage space in an unfinished studio.

Studio Nov 2010 2

The Priestess of Mostess, and a few other stray cats.

 Studio Nov 2010 3

A not so busy spot in the studio.

Hopefully, I will have all the NASA paintings finished by April – I am planning an art show in Brisbane, with a sculpture friend – the gallery is booked, and the date is set,  but the details are still being worked out - I figure, that’s about one painting completed every two weeks – so why am I messing around on this silly blog. A documentary, I watched recently, stated that 90% of all blogs that have been created on the internet, lay dormant, abandoned and unused – 15 minutes of unrequited fame – so much for the potential to sell art on the net – the big players are already moving in and taking over that market.

I dream of a monster a thousand cubits high, with the head of a facebook. In it’s mouth are piglets, puppies, lambs, calves, chicks and all the abominations of the Earth. Down below, a multitude sprayed with red paint, cries and shouts, “eat,eat, for tomorrow we die” – to the monster this chorus is only a whimper.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



DuoTone One

faceless fool sml

The Faceless Fool Deconstructing away from the Light

Sand Blow Holiday Sml

Sand Blow Holiday One

Sand Blow Holiday 2 sml

Sand Blow Holiday Two

Nasa 19 I Dream of NASA sml

NASA 19 – I Dream of NASA

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