Thursday, February 3, 2011



NASA 28 – A Quantum Leap for NASA - in progress


It all starts with scribbles.


A notebook full of NASA preliminary scribbles and jottings.

All drawings(scribbles) for the NASA series have been finished and so I am working on the last three paintings. I was working on a new series called the 16:9 series, but have put that on the shelf at the moment, and painted over the first work to continue the NASA style of things into a few bigger works – but with less black and no astronauts.

Blank Canvas

There is nothing like the smell of a new canvas in the morning.

The NASA guy

Watch it!

As kooky as the art and the artist look, the NASA series of paintings were quite fun and entertaining while being a challenge and intellectually stimulating to create. I think I could do another 30, but it seems impossible to be consistent, or as Bob Dylan put it in regards to Joan Baez, “It’s hard to be wise and in love at the same time”.

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