Friday, March 11, 2011


Mind numbing, stripped of all reason, just sensation, like a pinball rolling from bumper to paddle – pick up the brush.

Paint drooling from my chops, slurping and slopping all over in a reckless manner – not even art.

Agitation and tension, underlying depression, regurgitation of empty dreams, trying to find the edge that never was – self delusion.

Beginning, ending, no satisfying middle, just more of the same reckless, lackluster striving and chasing the wind – inescapable escalation.

Art value only defined, by cultural caretakers not art valued by culture, where will it end, poor Orwell was right – art bureaucracy mon amour.

Squarescape c

One of the ideas behind the Squarescape  perpetual series, is to loosen up, avoid predicating meaning and experiment.

Squarescape a

The Squarescapes are landscapes in a square – this one is just horizontal bands – sky, water and land.

Squarescape b

It’s at the, “I have no idea stage”, and so, I laid it down to apply a coat of varnish. The varnish brings out the depth of the build up of marks, which has a way of restoring my confidence in the work – before I attack it.


  1. interesting about the thinking too much bizzo...It is good to go on a stream of consciousness trip, I often work that way to find relationships with the object to find the dialog and sense if that is ever possible! good stuff...greg

  2. It's all in a days work - or a days worry. I suppose one of my motivations as an artist has been criticism of the system - whatever that system might be.
    Great to see you visiting Greg. How is your blog going?


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