Monday, March 21, 2011


Squarescape 9

SquareScape 9 – Graffiti   Acrylic and Ink on MDF  120x120cm  2011

The landscape bares my TAG. A TAG is a graffiti term - The most basic form of graffiti, a writer's signature with marker or spray paint. It is the writer's logo, his/her stylized personal signature. If a tag is long it is sometimes abbreviated to the first two letters or the first and last letter of the tag. Also may be ended with the suffixes "one", "ski", "rock", "em" and "er". –  from ‘The Graffiti glossary’.

There seems at times to be a contradiction in the art establishment. Money vs. Morality. Once upon a time, there were drawings on the cave walls. Statues in the temples and paintings on the ceilings of churches. Not so long ago we had a urinal in the gallery, a shark in a tank and a diamond encrusted skull. Then we had political notions to justify our art and cultural ambassadors who curate our future – protecting us, empowering us, sanctifying us, legitimising us – what’s next?

Maybe, a redistribution of wealth to the poor artists away from the rich. Artist who can paint whatever they like, whenever they like and display the work wherever they want - sort of an artist tax for the good of mankind. But maybe that wont work, because we need a cause, a reason a strong moral reason to govern wealth and impose our will.

Graffiti, seems to be about freedom, protest, commentary, criticism and speaking out -  but on other peoples property. Then again - Who owns the cattle on a thousand hills?

The landscape bares my TAG – my graffiti.

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