Sunday, April 17, 2011


 This is the rough end of the studio. A big stack of NASA paintings - finished and ready for a show. And the current work sitting on my makeshift ladder easel.

I am getting closer to finishing this painting. This morning I painted in a net that extends into the distance - sort of an idea about social networks. It's looking all right, but it needs lot's of subtle stuff to delineate some of the areas a bit better and fix up the annoying bits. I will get there eventually, if I don't lose heart or do something too stupid.


  1. David, I really like your painting style, the more I see the process and the conclusions the more I feel I know the story, I think it is also the dialog you seem to convey through painting and the sort of mystery that is presented before us, quirky and original.

  2. Thanks Greg, I just finished the work this morning. This painting is one three, I am going to start on the Dugong one next.


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