Friday, April 8, 2011


Quandamooka Social Network 1

Well, there is only one way to begin a new work: that is to begin. I have three panels 160x90cm to complete for a project. I had some really complex ideas, but I have settled for a more immediate simple idea – expressive and hopefully emotive. This image may seem simple but it is loaded with my stuff, sort of an arrival of sorts – cumulating past ideas into a simple form – scary but I will give it a go. It’s better than twiddling thumbs, going to bed with a scrambled brain, staying up to late, wasting time going over detail, worrying about unfixable things.

This painting started with a bang! I made a coffee, put on some music, danced for my little dogs around the studio to Jackie Wilson Say’s (impossible not to dance to Van’s more lively stuff.) I Sketched out the idea, chunks of white, two blues, yellow and two reds, then let it rip.

This time next week I might be a blathering mess.


  1. I think it's a great painting


  2. Well Dave it is like this...if you don't dive in the water may well be too the water is only wet when you dive in..words of wisdom or dumb words of nonsense that confuse and frustrate. probably the later so I will go now...sorry if that sucked. I think you have a good start...look forward to seeing it in the way when shall we meet? got work at the gallery in Nambour SCAIP wanna meet? going there next week.ta greg

  3. Greg:
    "Confuse and Frustrate" - I like that - it sounds like a good name for an Art band - it's like a mock version of "Shock and Awe".
    My new painting series - "Confuse and Frustrate" - tactics of the bloated mind.
    Besides all of the above - how are you Greg? Yes the SCAIP thing sounds like a good idea.

    Susanne: Thanks. I did some more work on this painting yesterday and I am getting close to the blather stage - teetering on the edge of art authenticity.

  4. I like it ...really a good thing to see your process unfold on the "streaming live from the studio" visual people living in bliss with the screen play...unfolding ..brill. keep on it. really like the way you paint. layers are visible and tell the story.

  5. Thanks Greg - I have done a short showcase review on you SCAIP show on ArtSmelter.


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