Monday, April 4, 2011


Please Don't Call it Rejection

Please Don’t Call it Rejection – Acrylic and Pencil on Paper – 2011

Another scrappy nude finally finished.


  1. hey dave this is rather provocative as much as the nude and title, not sure what to make of the story and that makes it interesting maybe because I want to know more. what is the scale of the work? catch ya, greg

  2. The work is 70x50cm on paper.

    The work is really open to interpretation, as I really did not preplan or prescribe a meaning or even try to say anything - it just is.

    The process in creating a scrappy nude is rather haphazard and slow - the original drawing maybe 5 years old - I finished the work last week after adding paint and bits over that long period.

    The bird with flower has the most symbolic weight - but I can't remember why I put it there.
    The nude was from a life drawing session - I just keep all badly drawn figures (or good ones) and turn them into something else - sort of see what happens.
    As vague as it sounds this is pretty accurate to the creation of this work.


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