Friday, April 29, 2011


Dugong 1

I have started scratching away at this painting, trying to work out how to best portray a Dugong, suspended in a black hole. I have looked at dozens of Dugong photos, and fiddled with a few pencil sketches, but Dugongs are a strange blobby creature, that are hard to depict. It’s easy to draw a person, as even a stick figure will suffice at times, but Dugongs are a little harder to recognise and so a little harder to depict. They look a bit like a dolphin, a bit hippo and a bit vacuum cleaner.

The Dugong painting will be a centre piece of three paintings, like an altar piece. The work will make some commentary about the environment, democracy, culture, propaganda, social networking and the emerging new spirituality that is building from climate change doctrine.

Old Book 1

I decided to alter this old book last week – I used to look at this book when I was kid – it’s falling to bits, so I think I will fiddle a bit and see what can come from it. I added some left over blue from a painting (I hate wasting paint) to magnify these two blokes managing this big machine. Some of the machines from the past, were so big and cumbersome, while today our stuff is so discreet and generally small – except aircraft, ocean liners and buildings. The mechanical stuff though seems to be smaller and more efficient – the idea of a machine representing power seems to be diminishing, or maybe it’s changing – power somehow today seems to be linked with marketing, technology and showing yourself to be well informed. It all seems a bit Yuk to me!

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