Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Studio Quandamooka so far.


  1. I have noticed the clean floor where your paintings are photographed,...is that an indication of how you work or do you make a mess like me and have to clean it up? I always seem to forget the step before making a mess.....sheets of cardboard.

  2. I am pretty tidy, I don't really ever make a mess - it is rare for me to drop any paint at all. I rarely use a drop sheet - even when I paint the walls in the house. In some ways it would pay for me to loosen up and use some materials. I have painted three of these paintings now and still have plenty of paint left in the tubes - and they weren't full when I started.
    The paint is really laid on thinly mixed with polymer varnish - built up in layers - sort of a virtual texture. I am such a skin flint - these three paintings together in total probably cost $15.00. The frames I ripped up from an old water bed frame (free) and the MDF sheets were old packing sheets (free).


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