Tuesday, June 14, 2011


What follows is a batch of works still in progress – ho hum – maybe one day.

Jun 11 A

Highlighting my Un-earthly Connections.

Jun 11 E 

Over Ripe Figs

Jun 11 C

Blatant Nude

Jun 11 B

Australian Grandstand


  1. hey dave these are looking interesting, again it is the process that intrigues me as the story is being told......would like to read more about the underlying subtext.? care to give some clues?
    will talk soon

  2. Greg, congratulations on the opening the other night. I have shunted some video material for Mark onto his Take Aim website. I have put a selected amount of your performance and speech on the end of the video. I have about 25 minutes of footage which I will send to you and mark in an unedited form.
    As for these drawings - they are the ramblings of a rambling mind. This type of work of mine is sort of the opposite of my Quandamooka series. There is no prescribed agenda or theme to these works, they just eventuate over a period of time. Any meaning or concepts congeal over the process of slapping paint or pencil down. the Quandamooka paintings work in the opposite way - I have an idea and aim to illustrate it. These other works start with a figure, brushstroke, tree, mountain etc and develop from there.
    The meaning comes at the end of the process - as the titles do - which really are a conceptualisation of any insight I am gaining from the work.
    E.g. "Highlighting My Un-Earthly Connections" A nude male/female steps down with X-ray like vision and sees other nudes crouching on the floor on or near a target. A ghoul (who is watching) is attached by a branch like umbilical cord to the nude. This is part Sci/Fi, part metaphor for the spiritual aspect of man - but all is a bit on the edge - things ain't what they seem. The blue banding around the nude is a device I stumbled on that indicates an energy of a transcendental nature. Now don't think I am going to get all weird on you (New Age like or hyper spiritual), remember these are art works, and I have a fair amount of tongue in cheek in most of what I do. The playing around of images and combining ideas is really of an inquisitive and teasing way, instead of a preachy or instructive one. The viewer will no doubt take a bit of themselves to the interpretation of the works. In some ways I am trying to consolidate (materialise) a definite presence in a off-handed way.
    I hope that explains something.


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