Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The second ‘’Artist’’ painting is looking finished bar a few possible modifications and a coat of varnish which will lustre up the blacks and deepen the texture.

15 artists 2

Quandamooka : The Leaving of the Artists.

15 artists 3

Earlier version.

15 artists

Above, on the left is the next one in the series of three and on the right the first painting which is finished – The Coming of the Artists.

The titles are still working titles just as the paintings themselves are a flash in the pan from sifting through the mud in the waters of my mind.

I have aimed to do these paintings quickly and loosely working with a few ideas that I have been ruminating. Although, it is clear by the second painting I have tightened up somewhat – ideas coalescing without my consent on the manifested parchment – forsaken but still breathing.

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