Monday, January 31, 2011


Paint brush

A cheap paint brush lasts just over one NASA painting.

NASA 27 - NASA and the Money Lenders 

NASA 27 – NASA and the Money Lenders

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Slowly the Behemoth is turned by hooks in the mouth, and so I am almost finished my series of NASA paintings. Hopefully, the series will be complete by the end of January. With all the rain and Queensland flooding, Xmas stuff, rising damp, mould, humidity, humility, and utter destruction of my nine year old computer. I have arrived with scars intact and sanity in hang, with a few digital photos and a replacement computer – this one is only three years old.

A Stack of NASA

A Stack of NASA.

We had a ton of rain, but we were fortunately left without any flooding to our home or property – the water just rushes through our property to the next, except for a small pool of water trapped by the fence, all we had was very water logged ground. And a bit of water around our old above ground pool – which is looking a bit worse for wear.


Over the fence flash flooding.


A pool in a pool.

NASA 27 was started last night and I have been doing the colour part this morning, so here is NASA 27 and NASA 26.


NASA 27 – NASA and the Money Lenders.

NASA 26 - NASA vs Beckman

NASA 26 – NASA vs Beckman

A few of the NASA paintings pay homage or refer to other painters – NASA 26 has a few appropriated (hah!) images from Max Beckman. He like Nolan from NASA 24 – NASA vs Nolan, is an influence and relates to my current working style – simple, black outlines, scumbled surface, narrative and symbolic references – and what’s wrong with that, you art scum bags!

Beckman stuff

Beckman stuff 2

Other than all the NASA stuff, I have been getting my head around a show at the Art Factory gallery at Southbank, Brisbane which mostly went under water during the Queensland floods. Fortunately, as far as I can tell from this aerial photo the Art factory had the floods lapping at the door. The gallery is circled in red and the brown stuff in the streets to the right is water, which runs all the way down the street and towards the river which is beyond the right and top of the photo. Hopefully, all will be cleaned up and ready by the start of April, when the next show starts and runs for three weeks. The last show at Peregian Beach in December was plagued by hot humid weather and violent storms, which put the numbers down a bit – but Mark sold two works and I have a few interested.

Art factory Picture

And here is another Glasshouse Nude drawing, that is slowly, showing a few signs of life – I like the floating paper feel of the nude, as if it was a cut out, that was indirectly placed and mindlessly drawn. As it progresses I will try to enhance this effect – I sort of want the nude to seem very flat, separate and detached.

Australian Grandstand

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