Monday, August 22, 2011


Studio August 2011 1

Studio photos while finishing the framing of the Quandamooka series.

Studio August 2011 4 

Black, narrow frames set the paintings off, protect the MDF board from water and knocks, and reduce warping.

Studio August 2011 2

Patching mitre corners and nail holes with my own concoction of water based putty and black paint.

 Studio August 2011 3

Next a fine sand of the patch work and another coat of flat black paint.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Quandomooka Series 2

Quandomooka Series 1

Quandomooka Series Combine

Six paintings completed in the Quandamooka series – three of these paintings will be entered into the Moreton Bay 15 artist competition – I have just got to work out which three I will enter – my preference is the top group, with it’s muted tones, loose abstraction and muddy meaning – just right for the Bay region – anyway it’s time to strum on the guitar to sooth my self inflicted wounds.

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